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Innovative Counsel


“You must learn a new way to think before you can master a new way to be.”
Marianne Williamson

Carrie Mitchell, MSW, LCSW, LCAS

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist

Certified Clinical Trauma Professional


Welcome. Perhaps motivation for change in your life explains why you have explored this site. Maybe, things are in a state of instability with you and possibly your family. Or could it be that life appears to have become somewhat unendurable. No matter what the reason may be, you are here. You have taken the initial step toward empowerment and discovering a healthier outlook to emotional health and well-being.


A variety of situations can prove to be difficult and may upset the equilibrium of our being. Life in various ways does offer things that are to be appreciated. At times, one needs to make a change in order to reach one’s full potential. I understand that there are times when change can be overwhelming, however, it is during those difficult periods that assistance from a licensed clinical counselor can prove to be helpful. Acknowledging that you need assistance and acting on it is a positive indication of good judgment. My role as a therapist is to work with you as you transform and discover the inner peace that you seek. At times, attaining support from a trained professional is essential in problem solving, goal setting and symptom relief. Counseling can also lead to personal growth and development of life skills and improved coping strategies.

During our journey together, you will discover techniques that will help you cope with and minimize future challenges. Whereas no one can alter difficult situations or past experiences, working with a therapist can enable you to comprehend and fully resolve challenges in your life.

Now Providing Tele-Health Services (utilizing HIPAA Compliant programs)

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