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The breadth of my experience in the field of mental health and elderly caregiver care helps to
define my methods of practice. I have had the privilege to obtain education and training at well-
respected universities, and I have had unique opportunities to practice in a variety of settings.
I draw from career and educational experience as I carefully tailor my approach to each
individual that I work with. I assess each client’s specific goals, strengths, and challenges, and,
together, we develop an appropriate treatment plan. I am dedicated to creating an environment
where clients feel comfortable to be challenged and to grow.


Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Coastal Carolina University, cum laude (formally University
of South Carolina-Coastal Carolina College)

Master of Social Work, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill


I have worked as a clinical social worker with the North Carolina Department of Public Safety
where my duties included triaging for crisis emergency situations; completing mental health
assessments, many of which were court mandated; formulating and carrying out treatment
plans and providing individual counseling.


I have worked as a counselor with an employee assistance program where my work involved
conducting telephonic assessments as well as individual therapy with clients located globally.
I have worked with clients referred from NC Vocational Rehabilitation Services assisting with
psychometric administrations as well as case management duties.


My work as an Intensive In-Home clinician involved children where I conducted evidence based
therapeutic techniques to help children ages 4 to 16 and their families. This work included
counseling all members of the family in order to stabilize the family and maintain the home

I work with clients who struggle with mental illness, substance abuse, addictions, behavioral or
emotional illnesses, life transitions and grief. I have provided crisis intervention, parenting skills,
behavioral modification, life skills, conflict resolution, anger management and personal care

I have frequently worked in the role of Life Coach, assisting people who feel “trapped” and I help
them establish goals and approaches for them to achieve their goals.

Within outpatient and inpatient facilities, I have co-facilitated groups, including mandated
participants for a batterer’s intervention group involving domestic violence cases; dual diagnosis
groups including people with co-occurring disorders of substance abuse and eating disorders;
teaching social skills with people who suffer from severe and persistent mental illnesses;
support groups involving seniors, grief and loneliness.

While working as a social worker in retirement communities and nursing homes, I have worked
closely with residents and families who have at times struggled with life transitions. I have
implemented multiple treatment modalities including: Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive
Behavioral Therapy, Trauma-Focused CBT, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Solution-Focused
Short Term Therapy, Psychoanalytic Therapy, Supportive Therapy, and Reality Therapy.

Professional Affiliations and Honors


Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) License # C009789
Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist (LCAS) License # LCAS-22514
Member of National Association of Social Workers
Psi Chi National Honor Society in Psychology
Psi Sigma Tau Honor Society in Philosophy
Omicron Delta Kappa Honor Society

ATSA (Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers)

During times of struggle, deciding on a therapist can be a difficult decision, but an important
one. The therapeutic relationship is an integral part of counseling. As a licensed clinical
therapist, I first focus on building the relationship, making you feel comfortable and safe. I strive
to approach each individual without the influence of labels or preconceived notions. I seek to
understand you as a person in your own right. I truly believe that we all have the capacity to
heal, overcome adversity, learn and find joy.

Having lived through many experiences, personal and professional, I bring the perspective of,
empathy, and didactic when working with clients. My goal is to provide you with the tools you
need to navigate life and achieve your goals.


My treatment approach is client-centered, supportive, strength-based, cognitive behavioral and
solution-focused. My clinical practice site is comfortable, and I provide a safe, relaxing
environment in which you can begin your journey toward peace and better mental health. I look
forward to working with you.

Let me know if you are…

Feeling overwhelmed or worried

Experiencing sadness or anxiety

Under pressure with caregiver roles and responsibilities

Struggling to balance life's responsibilities

Striving to work on family or relationship issues

Hoping to improve communication

Coping with loss or grief

Whatever it is that brings you to seek therapy, call me. Let’s talk.

“Change your thoughts and you can change your world.”    Norman Vincent Peale.


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